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Multicalendar Reviews

Manage Calendars

MultiCalendar is a calendar management software. It manages multiple calendars side by side.

It provides you to view all calendars by day, work week, week, month, quarter, half year, year and timeline.


Share Calendars

MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition allows multiple users access the same calendar data from any Windows PC and any iPad at the same time. With network sharing capability and permission control on all resources, this tool is ideal for offices who use shared calendars.



With MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition, you can control who is able to access what calendar(s), who is able to create/edit/delete entries on what calendars, or who has read-only access on what calendars.

Different users can view/edit/delete on the same calendar at the same time. No deadlock. No compromise.



"You should know that I tried a large number of calendar applications over the past few months before choosing MultiCalendar. Of all the applications I sampled, yours was by far and away the most stable and "rugged" of the group."

Ray Desjardins


"This program is AWSOME. We use it to schedule techs in a service department. Great product."

David Mandela



MultiCalendar Free Trial Download

We offer 7-day free trial for MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition

And for the Client/Server Edition, you have 7-day free trial for the client program, as well as 30-day free trial for the server program.

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