1. Installation & Upgrades Questions

  1. What's the system requirement of MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  2. Is there a "Step by Step" installation guide for MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  3. Can I install MultiCalendar C/S Edition on a Peer-to-Peer network (without a dedicated server)?
  4. What's the default login account for MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Client?
  5. What's the default login account for User Management Tool?
  6. Can I install MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition server program and MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition client program on the same computer?
  7. How to manually add MultiCalendar C/S Server program to the Windows Firewall's Exception List?

2. Purchase Questions

  1. What's the difference in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition's client licenses?
  2. What does the resource mean in MultiCalendar?
  3. Will I get free version upgrades if I purchase MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  4. What can I do if I cannot purchase the software by credit card?
  5. When will I receive my license code after I place my order?
  6. I lost my license code. How do I obtain a new one?

3. How to Use Questions

  1. Does MultiCalendar have a limit on each day's entries?
  2. Why there isn't a "Save Calendar As" function in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  3. How to copy the current MultiCalendar C/S Server's data to another machine?
  4. How to backup/restore my calendar data?
  5. How to add a customized transparent icon in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  6. How to change an appointment/task type's icon in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  7. How to load holidays in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  8. How to add/edit event templates in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?
  9. How to create an appointment from an appointment template?
  10. How to change time intervals of the time ruler?
  11. I got a message box showing "You do not have delete permission on selected resource." when I tried to delete a resource. What should I do?
  12. MultiCalendar C/S Client lost all its menu/toolbars on the screen. What should I do?
  13. How to enable email reminder?
  14. After I entered MultiCalendar C/S Client license code, my computer told me that "You have too many copies of this program already running on your system or network. You are licensed for only 1 copy/copies at a time". What should I do?
  15. How to create my own style sheet when I set up the custom print settings?
  16. How to print my daily calendar with 15 minutes interval?
  17. How to print only certain resource's calendar?
  18. What permission do I need to obtain when I am working with shared events?
  19. What permission do I need to obtain when I am working with shared tasks?
  20. What permission do I need to obtain when I want to drag/drop an event?
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