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One client license key may not be used on multiple computers. You must acquire and dedicate a client license for each separate computer on which the MultiCalendar C/S Client is installed.

License Desc. Max. Resources* Price & Order Link Additional Client
License Pack I (1 server + 3 clients) 3 US$ 329.80 US$ 59.95
License Pack II (1 server + 3 clients) 8 US$ 389.80 US$ 79.95
License Pack III (1 server + 3 clients) Unlimited US$ 437.80 US$ 95.95
License Pack IV (1 server + 10 clients) 3 US$ 749.75 US$ 59.95
License Pack V (1 server + 10 clients) 8 US$ 949.95 US$ 79.95
License Pack VI (1 server + 10 clients) Unlimited US$ 1,109.45 US$ 95.95
License Pack VII (1 server + 30 clients) 3 US$ 1,948.45 US$ 59.95
License Pack VIII (1 server + 30 clients) 8 US$ 2,548.45 US$ 79.95
License Pack IX (1 server + 30 clients) Unlimited US$ 3,028.45 US$ 95.95
License Pack X (1 server + up to 100 clients) Unlimited US$ 7,999.95 US$ 95.95
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Important Notes:

* Max resources means how many resources you can manage maximally. For example, if you choose unlimited resources, it means you can manage unlimited resources on the client side computer which is installed with that license.

Any time-consuming entity, such as staff, meeting room, vehicle can be a resource in MultiCalendar and has its independent calendar/task list.

All registered users will get free upgrade till next major release. If next major release appears within one year after your purchase, you can upgrade to this major release free of charge. Any time when you are not qualified to a free upgrade, please send email to us and request your upgrade offer.

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