MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 3.0 was released!

MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 3.0 is now ready.

New Features

  1. Briefcase work mode. Now you can save all calendar data on your own computer and work on the calendar even if you do not have access to the server. When you come back to the network, you can go online and synchronize with the server again. All modifications you have made offline will be saved to the server then.
  2. Enhanced reminder option. You can set up either remind all users, or event creator only, or event owner only.
  3. Enhanced performance when the client is connected to the server via slow Internet connection. No Fast Internet Plug-in is needed.
  4. Time grid view. A time grid view is added to allow you view all schedules in a horizontal time grid view.
  5. Year view. A year view is added to allow you view all schedules in a yearly calendar.
  6. Import/Export with Microsoft Outlook. More conditions can be set during the import/export with Outlook.
  7. Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. This is different with the import/export because it will record the mapping relationships for any event in MultiCalendar and in Outlook.
  8. Allow you to search by type, category, subject, location, message, resource, contact, etc for events.
  9. Added Event/Resource creation/last modification time properties.
  10. Select any cells and type to create a new event on selected "time period" cells.
  11. Inplace editing for event.
  12. Email selected event.
  13. Resource grouping (by resource, by date or combine all calendars). You can use this together with resource layout editor to combine any selected resources calendar into one one.
  14. Resource icon alignment (top, bottom, left, right).
  15. Date navigator (former called MultiMonth Panel) panel alignment (left or right).
  16. First Week of Year can be set by your own (system default, first whole week, Jan 1 or first 4 days)
  17. Support multi-resource tasks.
  18. Select and type to create event. Select any time cell and start to type, then a new event with the content you type as subject will be created on the time period you select.
  19. Unlimited levels of grouping tasks by type, status, done, caption, start date, due date.
  20. Filter tasks by type, status, done, caption, start date, due date.
  21. Separate printing of taskpad. You can print the separate task pad by right clicking on the taskpad and choose "Print Taskpad".
  22. Icon to indicate events with attachments
  23. Able to select multiple contacts for one event.
  24. Able to select multiple contacts for one task.
  25. Able to auto-preview task notes on taskpad
  26. Now able to delete icons from icon library
  27. Able to set up an owner (a user) for any resource.


  1. Enhanced printing. You can set up the printing date ranges, printing style(daily style, weekly style, monthly style, Tri-fold style, calendar detail style, memo style or yearly style), color printing or black/white printing, report title, paper orientation, print margin, header/footer and so on.
  2. Allow you to have no icon specified for any event/task type.
  3. Improved speed when sort resources.
  4. Resource Layout editor(can show/hide any resource as well as sort resource). This layout editor is an enhancement on former version's resource sort feature. It will allow you to sort or hide/show any resource. The speed of sorting is greatly improved.
  5. Enhanced recurrence. Now support no end recurrence mode.
  6. Enhanced multi-owner events. You can edit sharing in the event editor.
  7. Enhanced: event templates. You can set up fixed start time/end time or duration or all day for any template.
  8. Immediate sort by subject, start date, due date, complete, progress, priority or else on taskpad by clicking on the taskpad column header. Multi-sorting is also supported. Hold shift key while clicking on taskpad column header to sort by multiple columns.
  9. Enhanced search events feature. Now you can search by subject, location, contacts, resources, event type, event category, all day event, and date range. Search result can be exported to xls, txt, html or xml format. You can also print the search result in WYSIWYG mode.
  10. New icons added to built-in icon library.
  11. Enhanced week view (can set layout to 1 column or 2 columns)
  12. 12. Reorganized the settings into more logical way. Now you can custom each view options from view menu. All customization works about types, categories, templates can be done via File->Customize menu.


Please be notified that all purchase with version 2.x starting from 03/03/2005 will be entitled a free license key for Version 3.0. If you are qualified, send an email to with your order reference number or indicate the email address you used to place the order, then we will issue you the new license code for Version 3.0.

From Version 2.x:

Version 3.0 can coexist with version 2.x (either server or client). You MUST NOT install V3 server or V3 client in the same directory of V2 server or V2 client.

There is a built in tool to transfer version 2.x's data to version 3.x. Please only execute the transfer tools once. Or, duplicated entries will be imported in version 3.0. Please be notifed that recurrent events and tasks cannot be transferred from V2.x because 2.x and 3.x use different method to store recurrent events/tasks.

Make sure you add version 3.0's database server (mccssvr3.exe) and application server (mccsappsvr3.exe) to your firewall's exception list. If you are connecting server via Internet, make sure you forward all traffic of port 12008, 12009 and 12010 to your server computer.


Server side: PIII 800 or above, 256 MB memory or above, 25 MB free space. Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003

Client side: PIII 800 or above, 256 MB memory or above, 15 MB free space. Windows 98 SE/Windows ME/Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003

How to install Version 3.0?

  1. Make sure your hardware/software specifications meet the requirements.
  2. Install MultiCalendar C/S Edition Server on a computer acting as server. If your server computer is Windows XP with SP2, make sure you add MultiCalendar C/S Server to your exception list.
  3. Install MultiCalendar C/S Edition Client on computers acting as clients. Then hook up each client with the same server.
  4. Done. Launch MultiCalendar C/S Edition Client and use the following default login account to log in:
    username: testuser
    password: testpass

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My server is behind a router with a static IP address. But I cannot connect to my server via Internet. Why?

Make sure you opened port 12008, 12009, and 12010 on your router and forward all traffics of these ports to your server computer. And also check if your server computer has a firewall. If so, add MultiCalendar C/S Database Server (mccssvr3.exe) and MultiCalendar C/S Application server(mccsappsvr3.exe) to your firewall's exception list.

2. What's the default login account for User Management Tools?

The default login account for User Management Tools is as following:
username: Admin
password: changeme

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