MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 4.0

MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 4.0 is now ready.

New Features

  1. New timeline style report support.

    timeline report

  2. All-day event area now supports vertical scrolling.

    all-day scrolling

  3. Office 2007 style tab bar introduced.

    office 2007 ribbon bar

  4. More navigating options available. Now you can go to Today, Next Day, Previous Day, Next Week, Previous Week, Next Month, Previous Month, Next Year, Previous Year by clicking on a single navigation button under "Navigation Tab".

    more navigation buttons

  5. Automatic View scrolling, if the dragged event intersects the View's top or bottom bound.
  6. Support spelling checking on both event/task's subject and notes area (English only).

    spell checking

  7. A hint for the content area's visible time range. If the current view is timeline view, the hint is displayed near the Time View's horizontal scroll bar while scrolling. If the current view is day view/work week view, the hint is displayed near the current view's vertical scrool bar while scrolling.

    visible time range hint

  8. Outlook 2007 style scheduler integrated. A "Next Appointment" and "Previous Appointment" button are displayed if the calendar shows no appointment for the current visible range.
  9. Redesigned print preview interface. You now have more control options on PDF export feature.

    redesigned preview interface and more pdf control option

  10. Able to set year view's scale as "Full Year", "Half Year" or "Quarter".

    year view more options

  11. Supports different working day/hour profile for different resource. You can create flexible working day/hour profile for each resource. For example, resource A works on Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM; resource B works on Tuesday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Wednesday 3:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

    resource working days and hours

  12. Able to remember and select the last active tab on the ribbon bar upon next start up.
  13. Fully compatible with Windows 7.


Please note that all purchases with version 3.x starting from January 25th, 2009 will be entitled a free upgrade to Version 4.0. If you ever upgraded to a higher license option in the past, the original order's date will be taken into consideration instead of the upgrade order. If you are qualified for free upgrade, please send an email to with your order reference number or indicate the email address you used to place the order, then we will issue you the new license code for Version 4.0.

From Version 3.x

Do not uninstall Version 3.x. Download/Install Version 4.0. After you install V4, copy all files under MultiCalendar C/S Server V3 program's installation folder\Server\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarCS3.0\Server\Data), to MultiCalendar C/S Server V4's installation folder\Server\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarCS4.0\Server\Data). Overwrite all of the existing files. Do not delete anything from MultiCalendar C/S Server V4's installation folder\Server\Data. V4 has different data files than V3.

From Version 2.x

Please contact if you want to upgrade from V2.x.

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