MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 4.50

MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 4.50 is now ready.

New Features

  1. Enhanced permission controls for each user on every resource.

    A screenshot showing the current permission levels MultiCalendar supports:

    permission control

    To take full advantage of the new permission controls, you will need to upgrade both the server program and each copy of the client side program.
  2. User Management Tool was totally rewritten and now a full set of wizard is available for you to set up each user's permission in a much easier way.

    user control

    user control
  3. User Management Tool now includes a new feature called "Computer Usage". You can get a list of computer IP address with the client license key used by each computer.

    user control
  4. New tab added to help you know your current user's permission on the selected resource. See screenshot below.

    permission control
  5. Added "Created By" and "Last Modified By" on the resource editor screen.
  6. Two new controls were added on the ribbon bar to let you adjust the number of resources per screen easily. See screenshot below.

    resource number per screen
  7. New status text added on the statusbar of the main screen showing the connected server's information.

    resource number per screen
  8. A free "DB Archive Tool" (since V4.50b) will be installed together with the server program. Now you can archive any events by specifing a date (any event happened on or before that date will be archived). And you can restore any archived events later any time you want.


  1. Now when you print preview the calendar, it will automatically show the preview in the same view mode with the same number of resource per page as the main screen.
  2. Now the preferences you set from File -> Page Setup -> Header & Footer during the preview process will be restored when you restart MultiCalendar.
  3. Enhanced event deleting mechanism to improve the performance.
  4. When opened next time, MultiCalendar will restore its main screen's status (maximized or not).
  5. Enhanced performance on resource icon display.
  6. Now MultiCalendar will focus on the same resource and same task record after refresh.
  7. Once the client program is started, it will automatically checking the server program's version and avoid version mismatch between server program and the client program.
  8. Default Windows popup menu is now supported on event/task editor for "Subject", "Location" and "Notes" input boxes. You can right click on the input boxes and choose "Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All" from the popup menu.

Breaking Changes

  1. Working offline mode was now abondoned because of too many confusions and misunderstandings caused by it.
  2. Backup archives made before V4.50 (from V4.0 to V4.49) can only be restored using File -> Restore From Archive (prior version 4.50) after you open DB Management Tool. Contact us for more details if you restore from a backup archive from a version before V4.50.


From Version 4.x

Always make a full copy of the "Data" sub folder under your current version server program's installation folder\Server before you start any upgrade process.

Server side (Required Upgrade): Do not uninstall the current version server program. During the installation process, the "upgrade" option will be selected automatically. Follow the wizard will be ok.

Client side (Required Upgrade): At each client side, do not uninstall the current version of client program. During the installation process, the upgrade option will be selected automatically. Follow the wizard will be ok.

From Version 3.x

  • Do not uninstall Version 3.x.
  • Make a copy of the "data" folder under V3 server's installation folder\Server\Data(by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarCS3.0\Server\Data)
  • Download/Install Version 4.0. After you install V4, copy all files under MultiCalendar C/S Server V3 program's installation folder\Server\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarCS3.0\Server\Data), to MultiCalendar C/S Server V4's installation folder\Server\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarCS4.0\Server\Data). Overwrite all of the existing files. Do not delete anything from MultiCalendar C/S Server V4's installation folder\Server\Data. V4 has different data files than V3.
  • Please go to MultiCalendar V4 server's installation folder\Server (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarCS4.0\Server), select the file called "dbGen.exe", double click on it to open it. It will show the upgrading progress then close on itself once it is done.
  • Now you can use V4 client and connect to V4 server and access all of the data transferred from V3.
  • From Version 2.x

    Please contact if you want to upgrade from V2.x.

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