MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition Version 4.80

MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition 4.80 is now ready for immediate download from here.

New Features

  1. Email reminder engine is redesigned in Version 4.80. Now you can send a test email when you set up your SMTP server. live preview

    And a new tab is added close to "Task/Contact List" to show all activities of the email reminders in real-time. live preview

    Performance is also increased a lot when you send out mass email reminders. Now you can send a test email when you set up the SMTP server.
  2. Email reminder window now includes the resource name for each event. reminder window
  3. Live preview is added on the resource editor screen in MultiCalendar. Now you can get live preview of the new or modified resource before you save any changes. More user-friendly color choices are available on the resource editor screen.

    live preview

  4. Resource photo support. Now you can select a photo from your computer, or just take a photo using your webcam and choose it as any resource's photo in MultiCalendar.

    live previewA breaking change is introduced here because of the photo support. MultiCalendar will not display any icon on the resource header area any more. You can set the resource photo display position to above the resource name, below the resource name, or left/right of the resource name, or just hide the resource photos.
  5. A new button added on the ribbon bar to let you pin the ribbon bar or unpin the ribbon bar. You will have more screen space for the calendars if you unpin the ribbon bar.

    live preview
  6. A map shortcut is added on the event's pop-up menu. Now if you have an event with a valid location value, right click on it and choose "Go to Map" and a map window will show up for you (powered by Google Map). show map

    map view

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug of the "Reschedule" button does not work properly on the event editor window.
  2. Fixed the bug of the "Resource Per Page" list on the main screen's toolbar shows wrong current resource per page number if you use the navigation buttons under the scheduler to adjust "Resource Per Page" number at the same time.
  3. Fixed the bug of SSL checkbox cannot be checked on the email reminder settings form.

Breaking Changes

  1. No resource icon support from V4.80.


Please click here to download.


From Version 4.x

Always make a full copy of the "Data" sub folder under your current version server program's installation folder before you start any upgrade process.

Do not uninstall the current version (any V4.x prior to V4.80). During the installation process, the upgrade option will be selected automatically. Follow the wizard to finish the installation.

From Version 3.x

  • Do not uninstall Version 3.x. Launch Version 3.x, and go to File -> Backup Database to make a backup archive of the V3's database.
  • Download/Install the latest version from our website.
  • Make sure MultiCalendar V3 or V4 is not running. Check the "Tray Icon" area to see if there is any instance running. If yes, exit it.
  • Go to MultiCalendar V3.x's installation folder\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarV3\Data), copy all files from this folder to MultiCalendar V4.x' installation folder\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files\MultiCalendarV4\Data). Microsoft Windows will prompt you that the same named files already exist and ask if you want to overwrite them. If you are using Windows XP, Choose "Yes to All" (on Windows XP); if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, check the option of "Do this for the next xx conflicts" and click "Copy and Replace".
  • Done. Now you can launch V4 from Start Button -> Programs -> MultiCalendar4 -> MultiCalendar 4 and see all of your V3 data in it.

From Version 2.x

Please contact if you want to upgrade from V2.x.

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