Calendar Slicer - Manage Your iOS Calendars Side by Side on iPad!

CalendarSlicer - Now We bring the Side by Side Calendar experience to your iPads. It manages all calendars from the native Calendar App (it can be any calendar from Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Exchange Calendar, ....)

Feature Highlights

  1. Side by Side Calendars. Every calendar is from and only from your iOS system's native Calendar App. Main Screen
  2. Day, 5-Day, 7-Day, Month and Year View.Views Screen
  3. Arrange calendars in the order you want. Show/Hide any calendar you want. Show/Hide and Sort Calendars Screen
  4. Similar (if not the same) to the native Calendar App's event editor screen. Event Editor Screen
  5. Scroll, pinch and scroll.

    Scroll Screen

    Pinch Screen
  6. Drag and drop an event from one calendar to another.

Where to buy?

  1. You can get it from App Store. Click here to download/purchase it.
  2. More information, please visit
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