MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 5.0

MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Version 5.0 is now ready.

New Features

  1. New agenda style view and report. Now views are supported in MultiCalendar C/S Edition include Day View, Work Week View, Week View, Month View, Year View, Timeline View and Agenda view.

    agenda view

  2. New range selector control on the main screen to support selecting current visible range much easier, especially on a touch screen.

    range control

  3. New map control. Right click on an event that has a location, the map view will now use Bing engine to show the map.

    map control

  4. New style of event hint window.

    event hint

  5. New camera control with much stable and performance when you taking a photo using your webcam. From the resource editor screen, you can use the camera control to take a photo easily.


  1. Deleting a resource will now reserve the shared events and tasks. You do not need to worry about shared tasks or events being deleted if an owner resource is deleted.
  2. Every icon used for event/task type is now using PNG format which supports much higher resolution and higher quality than former bmp format.
  3. Interface enhancement including the next appointment/previous appointment button, day header section, ribbon bar, and so on.


Please note that all purchases with version 4.x starting from Sep 10th, 2017 will be entitled a free upgrade to Version 5.0. If you ever upgraded to a higher license option in the past, the original order's date will be taken into consideration instead of the upgrade order. If you are qualified for free upgrade, please send an email to with your order reference number or indicate the email address you used to place the order, then we will issue you the new license code for Version 5.0.

From Version 4.x

Do not uninstall Version 4.x. Download/Install Version 5.0. After you install V5, copy all files under MultiCalendar C/S Server V4 program's installation folder\Server\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiCalendarCS4.0\Server\Data), to MultiCalendar C/S Server V5's installation folder\Server\Data (by default, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiCalendarCS5.0\Server\Data). Overwrite all of the existing files. Do not delete anything from MultiCalendar C/S Server V5's installation folder\Server\Data.

From Version 3.x or earlier

Please contact if you want to upgrade.

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