Do you need network calendar software?

Have you ever needed a calendar solution that can be shared by the entire office? Do you want different people to be able to view, access and edit the same calendar data across networks? Then tap into the power of MultiCalendar C/S Edition!

What is MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?

A networkable scheduling software suitable for managing any resource that needs a calendar. If you want to ensure that the entire office runs on a smooth schedule, with no calendar clashes and no double-booked meeting rooms, MultiCalendar is the solution for you. This group scheduling software can handle a multitude of different resources ranging from people to vehicles and tools, and allows you to view and manage several calendars side by side. A "briefcase" work model is also supported and any client can work offline and synchronize data with the server once they are back online.

What's the difference between the Client/Server Edition and the Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition?

Client/Server Edition is a networkable calendar and scheduling software. It contains a server side program and a client side program. All data is stored at the server side. All clients are connected to the same server, and multiple clients can read, save and access the same calendar data at the same time.

Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition is a standalone scheduling solution. It only uses its own data, and cannot be networked.

What is a resource in MultiCalendar?

A resource is anything that might require a calendar or schedule of its own. Staff, meeting rooms, vehicles, tools, etc. can all be set as a resource in MultiCalendar with their own calendars/task lists. This network calendar software is called MultiCalendar precisely because it is capable of managing multiple resources.

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