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Question : How to create my own style sheet when I set up the custom print settings?


1. In the calendar preview window, go to File -> Design. A "Format Report" dialog will appear.

2. Click the "Styles" tab. You will see the following screen.

Tick "Use Native Styles" checkbox. Then click the "New" button and input a name for the new style sheet.

Click the "OK" button to save it. Then you will see your new style sheet appears in the style sheet drop-down list and is selected automatically.

Now you can select any content to customize it, such as "Schedule Header", "Content", "Date Navigator Content" and so on. Click the "Font", "Color" or "Texture" button to setup the custom font, color and texture for current selected content.

During your customization process, you will see the "Preview" shows your own customized calendar's look&feel. See the following screen shot:

Once you finished the customization process, click the "OK" button at the bottom of "Format Report" dialog to save it.

You can now shut down MultiCalendar by clicking the "File->Exit". After that, when you launch MultiCalendar next time, if you go to File -> Calendar Preview, you will see your own style sheet file is applied to the calendar automatically.

If you want to copy all style sheet information from one computer to another, you need to copy psstyles.ini file under MultiCalendar installation folder from one computer to another computer's save location. If you delete that file, all style sheets will be deleted too.
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