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Question : How to add a customized transparent icon in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?


Since Version 2.0, you can add customized icons in MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition. To add a "transparent" icon, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Get a bmp format file and set the image size to 16x16 pixels, and set the background color to "#FF00FF". If the background color is set to other color values, the icon will not be transparent after it is added.

Step 2: Run MultiCalendar Client/Server Client, then click "File"->"Custom"->"Icon Library" , and a new window will open. In this new opened window, there will be a button with a "+" sign on it. Click this button, a dialog will open to ask you select the icon file. Just select the icon file which you have prepared in Step 1. Then click the "OK" button. The new added icon will be added to the bottom of the icon list. Now you can use this customized icon to stand for any appointment/task type or resource.

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