Our Promise

Our software will always be system-friendly. MultiCalendar is the perfect example of this. It installs no shared DLLs, ActiveX controls or other system files, and nothing is installed outside of the MultiCalendar directory. Since MultiCalendar is self-contained, you can install it without fear of it interfering with your system or with other applications. We will keep our software fast and compact. Too many products are extremely slow and bloated beyond reason, filling your hard drive and wasting system resources. MultiCalendar loads very quickly so you can start using it immediately, and it's also surprisingly compact. We will keep our software to be most compatible with main systems and be able to communicate with mobile devices, for example, Palm OS and Windows CE.

Our Commitment

We know that if you only sell a product, you only get one buck. If you sell your service, you will get the whole world. We just always carrying out the best possible service to any of our clients. Whether you have general questions, or support after sales, we will provide you all the best possible service.

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