Thank you SO VERY MUCH. I can’t remember ever dealing with a software developer that is so responsive to the needs of its users.

You should know that I tried a large number of calendar applications over the past few months before choosing MultiCalendar. Of all the applications I sampled, yours was by far and away the most stable and “rugged” of the group. Over the years, we had used W..S... (an Outlook Add-in) and found the software caused frequent corruptions and the synchronization process brought our network to a crawl. Almost by default, we were forced to use Outlook/Exchange Server so that we could have a reliable calendar that the staff could make appointments for me and the other accountant without conflicts or problems. The Exchange Server solution is great for the calendar in Outlook, but, trying to maintain Exchange Server is a burden for a small firm such as ours. So, we’ve now dumped Exchange Server and use Outlook only for email, with our calendars on MultiCalendar.

By the way, your backup and restore routine is excellent. I installed the MultiCalendar Server one day before scheduled server maintenance which turned into a disaster requiring a full re-build of the server. Unfortunately, the backup had NOT worked the night before and we basically lost the contents of the C:\ drive on the server (including MultiCalendar). However, after I had installed MultiCalendar the night before (and imported the Outlook calendars for the year), I did tested out the backup function of the program by backing up to an external drive. After we rebuilt the server, it took only a matter of seconds to restore that backup. Again, GREAT product. "

Ray Desjardins

"MultiCalendar offers many functionalities and a good ergonomics."

Emmanuel RULLIER

"I found your software on tucows after looking at more than 50 or so software downloads. I am actually a building contactor with nominal knowledge in computers and started an indoor soccer/baseball facility and found your software to be quite useful and adaptable to this type of business..."

Steve Glodack

"I have recently purchased Multicalendar and I love it."

Nicole Roe

"I am a new user of your product. I am finding it very intuitive to use, great"

Ivan Irlam

"This program is AWSOME. We use it to schedule techs in a service department. Great product."

David Mandela

"Look guys....I really love your product."

Glen Bolofsky, CPA

"I've looked at a number of Scheduling software packages, and Multicalendar looks the best! "

Parsons, Phil


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